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A Tryst for the Tabloids: A Staged Hearts in Hollywood Novella by Susanna Rose Green

Lana Simon has a plan to become a household name. Acting talent? Check. Single-minded focus on her career? Check. All she needs now is a fake relationship to thrust her into the spotlight.

Danny Knox, the established rockstar her publicist picks out, is perfect fake-boyfriend material—sexually magnetic, more famous than her, and in need of Lana’s help. After leaving the band that made him famous, their relationship will distract from his disappointing first solo album. It will be a mutually beneficial arrangement.

So why does Danny look like he’d rather stage dive into a scorpion pit than pose for the paparazzi? And why is Lana starting to focus more on his career than on hers? Lana Simon doesn’t have time for a real relationship—that was the whole point of this showmance.

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How to Fire an Action Hero: A Secret Hearts in Hollywood Novella by Susanna Rose Green (book cover image)

Parker Daniels has struggled for years to make it as a director in Hollywood. Not a female director. A director. She finally lands a job with a major studio, but when they insist she cast Ben Booth as her leading man, Parker’s dream project is about to go up in flames—because the name “Ben Booth” is synonymous with explosions.

Ben Booth is nothing but an action hero, a glorified stunt-man. He may look perfect for the role—a ripped and rugged cowboy straight out of the Old West—but then he opens his mouth. He can’t act, and no amount of longing to change his reputation as a playboy or to pivot his career toward serious projects will change that. It doesn’t help that he can’t seem to focus on set…except on her.

His attention is distracting, but Parker needs to focus on salvaging her big break, not on admiring his gorgeous movie star face or his powerful stunt-man’s body. So she will absolutely stop looking back at him with lust in her eyes. She will.

And if she can’t? Well, she’ll just have to find a way to fire him. After all, she gave up love stories a long time ago.